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Martial Arts and Self Defense Training in Southern Maine

Southern Maine Martial Arts Training

Learn Reality Based

Self Defense

From your very first class, you will begin to build a solid arsenal of self-defense skills. Your confidence will grow faster than you can imagine.


Self Defense Oriented

Martial Arts Training

We do not compete or put on shows, our training is 100% oriented in self-defense, mental, and spiritual development.


Self Defense

You can learn to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm faster than you might imagine. Your training will focus on self defense and build life-saving skills.

learn self defense

Body, Mind, Spirit

Apart from self defense, our physical and mental practices are a fun way to exercise, relieve stress, focus the mind, and learn to acieve goals in every area of your life.


Ketsugo Jujutsu

An eclectic, battlefield-honed martial art taught with 21st century Western teaching methods.

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