Ketsugo Jujutsu

This is the name of the martial art we practice, as well as our teaching method. It is a modern method of teaching a blend of ancient battlefield-tested martial arts. The term “ketsugu jujutsu” is fairly modern one and implies a blending of styles or systems of jujutsu.

Jujutsu (sometimes spelled jujitsu, or Jui-Jitsu) is a form of armed and unarmed combat practiced exclusively by the elite samurai warrior class of feudal Japan.

Today, because of Mixed Martial Arts contests such as the UFC, many people believe that jujutsu is just a grappling or ground-fighting system. This is because of the martial art called Brazilian Jui-Jitsu which dominated the sport for many years. This system is related (as are Judo and Aikido) to combat-oriented jujutsu, but the practice and emphasis are very different.

Kongo Tatsu Kai
This is the name of our school, our organization. Translated from the Japanese it means “school of the thunderbolt dragon”.

The word Kongo is the Japanese word for the Sanskrit word Vajra. This is the diamond thunderbolt which is both a weapon, and an implement which defeats obstacles to enlightenment.

Tatsu is the old Japanese word for dragon. Dragons in Asian lore are frequently the fierce protectors of temples, but also are symbols for royalty.

Kai means group, association, or school.

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