Crap martial arts experts say

Today I was inspired by this story about a local grandmother who single-handedly fought off two armed home invaders. I was inspired because this story highlights how untrue many statements are that I’ve heard from martial arts and self defense ‘experts’. Let’s break down a few myths that I’ve been trying to debunk for years:

The Difference Between Paranoia and Preparation

I encourage my students to train mentally with little imagination exercises they can  do when they’re out and about. When you go to a place that isn’t your home look for the exits, look for improvised weapons. When in the presence of other people, gauge their distance and imagine how you might react if they […]

Home Defense Weapons

From time to time I have people ask me about weapons for home defense. Below are some guidelines for selection, storage, or use. My one overarching piece of advice for any weapon system or self-defense tool is to get trained, and get trained well. This goes for any person in your family who may access […]

Gracie Self Defense

I have a lot of respect for the Gracie family – and Hélio Gracie in particular. Here I’ve found this Youtube video, purportedly of Hélio Gracie doing a self-defense demonstration.

Maine Crime Rate is on the Rise

Sadly, according to Maine’s Public Safety Commissioner, overall crime in the State of Maine was up 3.6% in 2010. This number was led by crimes against property – robberies (4.3%), burglaries (8.6%) and thefts (2.4%). Officials speculate that this rise may be due to Maine’s drug addiction problem – particularly with prescription painkillers. The rise […]

New, Free Android App for Martial Artists

A few years back I published a book of quotations for martial artists. You can still find and purchase it on I have collected quotes related to martial arts for years and I enjoy sharing them. I have just released a new application for Android called, Martial Arts Quote of the Day – which […]

How To Protect Yourself From Home Invasion or Burglary

Early Saturday morning I left home with my family. About 8-9 minutes later someone unknown to us tried to gain entry to our house. He or she opened a door we almost never use and was apparently frightened away by our alarm system responding. Some minutes later the police responded and secured our home. Nothing […]

Lyoto Machida knocks out Randy Couture with a Crane Kick in UFC 129

It was like something out of karate kid: Here is a stunning video showing Lyoto Machida’s victory over Randy Couture in the recent UFC 129. The amazing thing is that the knockout blow came from a jumping front-snapping kick landed perfectly on Couture’s jaw. According to Lyoto, he was coached to perfect this kick by […]

Three stabbings in Maine in a less than a week Week

Watching the news in Maine this week, you may wonder what the heck is happening. Three separate stabbing incidents in less than a week have been reported in Maine.

The Most Lethal Self Defense System in the World: Puffery in Martial Arts Advertising

Thumb through any martial arts magazine from any time in the past up to today and you’ll find a lot of advertising. You’ll see systems advertised as “The World’s Most Lethal Fighting System,” or teachers as, “The Deadliest Man Alive.” If you don’t look at martial arts magazines – I’m not kidding here, these are […]

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