Martial Arts Activities and Events in Maine

Just look around many of our towns and cities in Maine today and you’ll see many martial arts schools flourishing. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) schools are springing up everywhere. Traditional schools abound. And a few self-defense oriented schools (such as ours) have been added to the mix. I view this as a good thing, and […]

Two Arrested in Portland, Maine Random Violent Attacks

In the U.S, a violent crime occurs every 35 seconds. We in Maine tend to enjoy a very low crime rate, however there seem to be a very recent string of random attacks in Portland. The Portland Press Herald is reporting today that two suspects have been arrested in a string of seemingly random violent […]

What to Carry for Self Defense

Frequently, when I teach self defense classes, I get questions about weapons.¬† It’s usually something along the lines of, “what about guns?” or, “what do you think about pepper spray?” My stock answer is that all weapons are good and useful, when carried, when you have time to get to them, when you have the […]

If I Have A Gun, That’s All I Need For Self-Defense, Right?

Have a look at this frightening video of a police officer getting into a confrontation. After being sprayed with pepper spray, shot in the abdomen, and repeatedly hit – this guy is still attacking the officer. It’s not my intent in sharing this video to criticize the officer’s actions after the fact. I wasn’t there, […]

Who Needs to Learn Self Defense?

Everybody needs to train in self defense and the sooner the better. Living in a relatively low-crime area like Southern Maine, it may seem strange to recommend that every single person here get self defense training. However, it’s not really such a strange idea, and it’s an idea that may save lives. Damian Ross of […]

How Important Are Size And Strength In Self Defense

It’s a question that comes up quite frequently: Can you defend yourself against someone who is bigger and stronger? And: How important is size and strength in martial arts? The answer requires a bit of a breakdown: 1. Don’t confuse sport with self defense. Combat sports like MMA, boxing, and wrestling have weight classes for […]

Want to get tough fast?

Here’s my recipe for developing mental toughness. And no I haven’t been able to complete this myself … yet. 1. Walk into a quiet, unoccupied room and turn the lights off. 2. Sit down and close your eyes. 3. Do not move any part of your body – except for allowing the normal breathing mechanism […]

Self Defense Against Zombies With a Slice of Bacon

Halloween is just around the corner and while, to my knowledge, Southern Maine has never been on the receiving end of a zombie attack, it may be helpful to review the basics. Incidentally, the points I am about to cover also work against hordes living and the undead. Stay Mobile Especially when multiple opponents present […]

Relying on Calling 911 in Maine – Is This Your Best First Line of Defense?

During several of my self defense seminars I’ve had students tell me that their first planned line of defense against violent crime was to summon the police by calling 911. One woman said that she would dial 911 on her cell phone and hold her finger over the send button while walking alone at night. […]

Portland, Maine Robber Uses Brick as a Weapon

Police in Portland, Maine arrested Arien Litalien on Monday after¬† he allegedly robbed a watch shop in downtown Portland using a brick as a weapon. He is accused of using the brick to smash a glass case and grab a number of expensive watches. An employee apparently chased and tackled Litalien in a parking lot […]