Training for the ring is training for the ring – Training for combat is training for combat

Martial arts skills are far less generalizable than many people would think. I am reminded of an interview I once heard with Joe Rogan who said, “The UFC has proven that Brazilian Jujutsu is the most effective martial art in the world.” That’s a load of crap. First, this is to take nothing away, or […]

Killing Is Easy

The purposefully provocative title of this post is meant to point out a “truth” about martial arts and self defense. In Ketsugo Jujutsu we say that the three possible ways to finish a defense are to kill, cripple, or control. We say that killing is for soldiers, crippling for bodyguards, and control is for the […]

Neutralizing Skill And Speed With Proximity

Make contact, keep it. That’s a basic philosophy of our system or ketsugo jujutsu. When someone throws a punch or a kick, or moves in to grapple – they are giving us a gift by presenting us a set of targets for attack. It’s a good idea not to box a boxer, or wrestle a […]

The Weakest Point in Every Security System

Growing up in Maine, we never locked our doors  (car or home) until the day we were burglarized. Now I live in a relatively crime-free area or rural Maine, yet I own a sophisticated alarm system and lock all my doors. I know people who do not and want to believe that there is no […]

The Juggernaut: Debunking A Persistent Media Myth About Self Defense

I am a big fan of action movies, specifically martial arts action movies. I have been my whole life. Anyone who has some training in a Reality Based Martial Art (RBMA) knows that the movies and TV have little to do with real self defense. Unfortunately many people without training, including those who shape our […]

Why I Teach Self Defense And Martial Arts Differently

I just returned from Bonny Eagle High School, a local school, where I taught a group of 24 seniors an 1 1/2 hour self defense class. I have probably done a couple of hundred very short self-defense seminars such as these over the years, and I draw a few distinctions between teaching martial arts and […]

Dealing With Armed Assault With No or Little Training.

It’s a simple fact that many people will encounter armed violence in their lives. Frequently, after giving a short self defense demo of an hour or so, a participant will ask, “what do I do if the guy has a gun or a knife”. Unfortunately, dealing skillfully with an armed assailant is not something easily […]

How to Win an Argument – Jujutsu Style

No, I am not going to suggest that you break a person’s arm to win an argument as satisfying as that might seem. Remember that jujutsu is the art of yielding. The majority of self defense instructors (the ones with working brains) will tell you to avoid fighting, physical self defense is always the last […]

Increasing Pain Tolerance

As a child, I was subjected to numerous surgeries, the most severe was the amputation of one of my feet. Growing up with a lower limb prosthesis was challenging and often painful experience. As a boy, my parents and several of my teachers noticed that I seemed to have a fairly high pain tolerance. My […]

Sex Offender Held In Chelsea King Case May Have Attacked Another Teen in Same Park

The terrible news that San Diego high school student Chelsea King’s body had been found in the park where she disappeared came soon after the police announced they were holding John Albert Gardiner III, a registered sex offender, as a suspect in her disappearance. It seems that police may have their man as he is […]

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