Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Should Be Called Something Else

Let me start by saying that nothing here is meant to denigrate BJJ or MMA in any way. As a rule, I do not criticize other systems. The BJJ guys I know are amazing martial artists and great athletes. My issue with the name Brazilian Jiujitsu (or Jiu-Jitsu) is a personal hangup, but bear me […]

Risk Analysis For Self Defense

A few years ago, while on vacation, a man grabbed my mom’s credit card from a restaurant table and dashed out the door. My mom realized what had happened, jumped up and chased after him. Probably luckily, she didn’t catch him. “Mom, what if you ran after him into an alley and he had a […]

Why a Knife is More Dangerous Than a Gun

The old adage goes, “don’t bring a knife to a gun fight”. The thought being that a gun outclasses a gun. Certainly guns provide numerous advantages, particularly to military and police operations. Guns are lethal weapons. However, it’s a mistake to underestimate the threat posed by a knife-wielding attacker. Many police officers I have trained, […]

Mission Centric Training™

Mission Centric Training™ is a concept that a partner and I came up with a few years ago while conducting self defense training for a numerous organizations in the Boston area. It’s a concept that many military personnel and law enforcement officers (LEOs) get, but is missed on the broader public much of the time. […]

Kihon Waza – There are no Basics

In English, the Japanese phrase “kihon waza” is sometimes translated as “basic techniques”. I don’t really like this translation, because many Western minds grasp this to mean “the basic stuff I need to learn, get out of the way, and then move on to the advanced stuff”. The translation I prefer is “fundamental methods.” These […]

Airline Crew Self-Defense Training

From terrorists, to drunken and disorderly passengers, to simply the unruly – air crews continue to face threats to the safety of themselves and their passengers. With the ultimate responsibility of the safety of everyone on a plane, I’d like to see airline crew-members regularly trained in combative self-defense and defensive tactics. I am aware […]

Fudoshin – Imperturbable Spirit

I speak very little Japanese and read even less, but find the layers of meaning in the language quite beautiful. The character shin(心), for example can mean heart, mind, spirit, vitality, or inner strength. The word “fudoshin” (不動心) means somewhat literally “immovable heart”, but carries the connotations of imperturbability, an unshakable calm, and courage without […]

The Difference Between Self Defense and Sports Martial Arts Training

Someone once asked my sensei what he would do if Royce Gracie attacked him and tried to take him down. My sensei’s answer, “I dunno, probably pull out my knife and stick him.” The questioner was awestruck at the answer. My sensei went on, “I don’t train for sport, this is a school of combat. […]

What about Tasers, Pepper Spray, and Other Self Defense Tools?

Taser is an interesting less-lethal tool popular amongst law enforcement agencies. It works by firing darts into an assailant which are attached to conductive wires, zapping an aggressor with powerful pulses of electricity. This overloads the body’s electrical system, interfering with sensory and muscular systems. Taser is undoubtedly a great tool for law enforcement and […]

Christmas Terror Plot Foiled: Spirit of United Flight 93 Once Again

The failed attempt to blow up a Northwest Airlines Flight over Detroit should serve as another wake-up call to average citizens around the world. Once again, a tragedy may have been averted by the actions of passengers and crew acting to subdue the terrorist. We see the same spirit that led the passengers of United […]

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