The Weakest Point in Every Security System

Tweet Growing up in Maine, we never locked our doors  (car or home) until the day we were burglarized. Now I live in a relatively crime-free area or rural Maine, yet I own a sophisticated alarm system and lock all my doors. I know people who do not and want to believe that there is […]

Dealing With Armed Assault With No or Little Training.

Tweet It’s a simple fact that many people will encounter armed violence in their lives. Frequently, after giving a short self defense demo of an hour or so, a participant will ask, “what do I do if the guy has a gun or a knife”. Unfortunately, dealing skillfully with an armed assailant is not something […]

How to Win an Argument – Jujutsu Style

Tweet No, I am not going to suggest that you break a person’s arm to win an argument as satisfying as that might seem. Remember that jujutsu is the art of yielding. The majority of self defense instructors (the ones with working brains) will tell you to avoid fighting, physical self defense is always the […]

Preparing For Home Invasion

Tweet If we are to believe the news, it looks like home invasion is a growing crime. The truth is that it is hard to tell because home invasion is not tracked as a single type of crime. Instead, home invasion may be counted in crime statistics as a count of breaking and entering, with […]