Fudoshin – Imperturbable Spirit

Tweet I speak very little Japanese and read even less, but find the layers of meaning in the language quite beautiful. The character shin(心), for example can mean heart, mind, spirit, vitality, or inner strength. The word “fudoshin” (不動心) means somewhat literally “immovable heart”, but carries the connotations of imperturbability, an unshakable calm, and courage […]

Budo, Bugei, or Bujutsu?

Tweet Japanese is an interesting language in that many terms have no direct translation into English. Single sounds can carry worlds of conotation and, when combined with other sounds, produce rich meanings beyond direct translation. In Japanese, there are 3 almost interchangeable terms which are used to mean “martial arts” – Budo, Bugei, and Bujutsu. […]

The Role of the Sensei and Courtesy in Practice

Tweet Courtesy Martial Arts practice begins and ends with courtesy. At the beginning of our practice we “bow in” with a short ceremony, at the end we “bow out”. The ceremony is spiritual but not religious, and is a very important part of the training. The importance of the ceremony is that we are shifting […]