Sex Offender Held In Chelsea King Case May Have Attacked Another Teen in Same Park

Tweet The terrible news that San Diego high school student Chelsea King’s body had been found in the park where she disappeared came soon after the police announced they were holding John Albert Gardiner III, a registered sex offender, as a suspect in her disappearance. It seems that police may have their man as he […]

Preparing For Home Invasion

Tweet If we are to believe the news, it looks like home invasion is a growing crime. The truth is that it is hard to tell because home invasion is not tracked as a single type of crime. Instead, home invasion may be counted in crime statistics as a count of breaking and entering, with […]

Christmas Terror Plot Foiled: Spirit of United Flight 93 Once Again

Tweet The failed attempt to blow up a Northwest Airlines Flight over Detroit should serve as another wake-up call to average citizens around the world. Once again, a tragedy may have been averted by the actions of passengers and crew acting to subdue the terrorist. We see the same spirit that led the passengers of […]

A Fatal Incident

Tweet Last week we were informed that my wife’s uncle, who was also one of my godfathers had passed away. It seems that, while waiting outside a restaurant with some coworkers, a young man made some racist comments toward him (he’s Asian). Words were exchanged and the man pushed my wife’s uncle who hit his […]