Here’s a video covering a story where an 11 year-o successfully fends off a kidnapper who was trying to drive off with his 9 year-old sister. Jonah Yano credited years of training in jujutsu (or Jui Jitsu) with helping in his defense of his sister.

Here’s  important takeaways I want you to understand:

Painful Wrist Lock

Image by rinpoche via Flickr

  1. You do not have to be Bruce Lee to defend yourself: A little bit of skill goes a long way.
  2. You do not have to be bigger or faster than your opponent: simply putting up resistance makes an attacker’s job very difficult. Most attackers rely on compliance.
  3. Self defense doesn’t mean beating up or defeating an attacker necessarily: Self defense is about creating opportunity for escape.
  4. When you surprise an attacker by attacking them back they will be at a disadvantage.
  5. Get training for yourself and your kids.

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