Martial Arts Activities and Events in Maine

Just look around many of our towns and cities in Maine today and you’ll see many martial arts schools flourishing. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) schools are springing up everywhere. Traditional schools abound. And a few self-defense oriented schools (such as ours) have been added to the mix.

I view this as a good thing, and certainly martial arts are a great activity for Mainers who want to remain physically active year round. Martial arts training, being a primarily indoor activity, is a great year round activity. And – there’s something in the martial arts for everyone.

  • Seniors, for example, might enjoy the low impact health benefits of Tai Chi
  • Young children can benefit from the discipline, and physical skills imparted in traditional martial arts such as karate
  • Competitive extreme sports enthusiasts might get a thrill and a lot of great exercise doing MMA
  • Everyone can benefit from self-defense training

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