The Weather in Maine and Your Training

In self-defense, defensive tactics, or hand to hand combat – environment matters.

Early in my life, as a traditional martial artist, I always trained in keiko-gi (training uniform). I would don a white canvas Japanese-style uniform, no shoes, and train on a hardwood floor.  I would train with others dressed exactly like me.

I live in Southern Maine now, and generally don’t wear a jujutsu uniform around during the day. Most of the time, I am not barefoot. Those who have grappled both with a uniform and without can tell you that it makes a huge difference.

In Maine, sane people wear coats for a good part of the year. People wear boots, hats, gloves in winter (and during the latter part of fall). All of these affect how we move, how vulnerable our bodies are to striking, and how we might grapple.

Further considerations effected by the weather

  • Training on surfaces that may be wet or covered with snow or ice
  • The effect of temperature on physiological processes like breathing
  • The fact that being in a higher latitude means it gets dark earlier in the day

It’s fine to train in uniform, but once in a while put your street clothes on and train. Train outdoors once in a while. Limit tactics which rely on your opponent wearing specific articles of clothing.

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