Financial Self Defense

For the most part, this blog talks about physical self-defense. One of the things we strongly believe in is preparation. Part of preparation is gaining a realistic understanding of the risks to you and your family.

One thing we’re all aware of is that the economy is really screwed up right now. Things are tough for many in the recession with people out of work. Could things get worse? Many people said yes.

I’m not a money guy, but I have a family to feed. I felt that the time was right to get myself a financial education that was geared towards protecting my future and that of my family. I’d like you to have the same opportunity.

Please click here to check out this free 90 minute video that completely opened my eyes about where our economy is going and what needs to be done. Do it now, I guarantee the video is an awakening you won’t forget.

In the interest of full-disclosure, after watching the video I was convinced to become a paying member of the Elevation Group, and I love what I’m learning. I also became an affiliate, which means if you follow the above link and decide to purchase anything, I’ll get a commission.

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