PORTLAND, Maine — Local police are reporting that two men were stabbed in unrelated incidents early Sunday evening.

Portland police report that both men are expected to recover.

Ar least one attack was on a security guard who was overwhelmed and then stabbed in the back multiple times.

Simply watching the news, it’s difficult to say whether edged weapon assaults are becoming more common in Southern, Maine, but certainly they remain common. From these and other attacks we can unequivocally recommend that citizens and police officers interested in their own safety need to undertake edged weapon self-defense training.

Maine Martial Arts is one of the only schools in the state that focuses on defense against armed and multiple opponents. We spend significant amount of our training time learning to defend against knife attacks. We also focus on gun, stick and empty hand attacks.

Ultimately we learn the principles of defense against any type of attack.

This story is a reminder of how edged weapons are everywhere and are very dangerous.

Interested on training to protect you and your loved ones? Contact us.

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