Another Knife Fight in Maine

After a recent fatal knife duel in Lewiston, police in Portland are reporting that two men are in the hospital after a knife fight in an apartment on Congress street. I still believe that knife on knife fights like this are fairly rare. They rarely come up in self defense situations – usually it is an escalation of a verbal / physical confrontation.

Some things that are important to realize:

  • Knives are everywhere. You don’t need a tactical folding knife to kill someone. A kitchen knife from a dollar store will do the trick. One of the knives in the Lewiston incident was a kitchen knife. However, quality folders are sold everywhere from Home Depot to In any incident always assume the other person is armed.
  • Stab-wounds kill. Sometimes they do not kill instantly – in fact most of the time this is the case.  Run the hell away from a knife if you can.
  • If you carry and are prepared to use a knife for self defense, be prepared for your opponent not to die immediately. After you’ve sliced him up, or during the process, he may be trying to kill you with what he’s carrying. Again, run the hell away if you can.

Personally, I believe that incidents involving knives in Maine will rise as time goes on. Contact us to get the type of training you need to stay safe.

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