Maine Crime Rate is on the Rise

Sadly, according to Maine’s Public Safety Commissioner, overall crime in the State of Maine was up 3.6% in 2010. This number was led by crimes against property – robberies (4.3%), burglaries (8.6%) and thefts (2.4%). Officials speculate that this rise may be due to Maine’s drug addiction problem – particularly with prescription painkillers.

The rise is disproportionately high in the traditionally crime free areas of rural Maine.

The state is responding by increasing funding to the State Police and Maine DEA. Even state officials agree that policing alone isn’t enough to stop this problem.

So let me ask you this – when is a good tame to take your safety seriously and get yourself some self-defense training? Are you going to lock your doors all the time, and become more aware of your surroundings when outside? Are you going to get that alarm system?

I believe that you can become safer without growing paranoid, and live a more relaxed life because of it.

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