Free Defensive Tactics and Self-Defense training For Law Enforcement, Military, or public safety professionals.

As a matter of public service, John Moore sensei offers no or very low cost seminars in hand to hand combat and defensive tactics to U.S. military units or law enforcement agencies. If you are a law enforcement officer, or member of a military unit and are interested in training – contact us.

1 day training will be provided for free in Maine or New Hampshire with prior arrangement – contact us for availability. Outside of this area, we ask that travel expenses be covered by the sponsoring organization for 2 to 3 instructors.

The type of seminar can be tailored to the mission, but some topics might include:

  • Pre-violence indicators
  • Empty hand tactics
  • Edged and impact weapon use and survival
  • Takedown and control
  • Lethal empty hand tactics

Further, public safety professionals who are able to make it to our regular classes in Southern Maine (just north of Portland), are welcome to attend at no cost.

Under his instructor in Boston, Moore sensei has trained: Military Police (366th MP det.), local law enforcement officers from Boston and New Hampshire, Massachusetts state troopers, federal law enforcement officers, as well as members of the federal intelligence community.

Additionally, we have conducted self-defense training for:

  • The Smith & Wesson Academy
  • Harvard University Medical School
  • Law offices
  • A major academic publisher
  • A shelter for homeless teens
  • Numerous fitness facilities
  • Other martial arts schools

Contact us for availability and arrangements.

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