Samurai on Horseback

Samurai on Horseback

Bushido – is a word which means, “the way of the warrior”. In Japanese the word “do” (the ending of Bushido) implies an art focused on self development. Developing the spirit is not so much a religious practice, but a personal one which encompasses ethics, emotional training

Here we have our interpretation of  Seven Principles of Bushido codified by codified by Yamagei Yoko (cir.1685):

  1. Gi: Honesty and Justice – We sharpen our mind to better discern the correct course of action, hold the right attitude, and take the correct course
  2. Yu: Bravery – We recognize our fears and say, do and think correctly in spite of those fears.
  3. Jin: Compassion, Universal Love – We recognize that all sentient beings suffer as we do, and we hold that empathy is an essential part of wisdom. We treat all others as we would want to be treated. We go out of our way to help others.
  4. Rei: Right Action, Etiquette – We uphold the traditions of etiquette as outward symbols of respect for others. We strive to be courteous at all times. We show gratitude.
  5. Makoto: Honesty, Truthfulness – We strive to be honest in every interaction.
  6. 名誉 Meiyo: Honor, Glory – We understand that the things we do and say reflect upon who we are. Without ego, we do that which reflects well upon ourselves.
  7. Chugo: Devotion, Loyalty – We are loyal to our teachers, to our school, to our family, to our country, and most importantly to ourselves.

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