Halloween is just around the corner and while, to my knowledge, Southern Maine has never been on the receiving end of a zombie attack, it may be helpful to review the basics.

Incidentally, the points I am about to cover also work against hordes living and the undead.

  1. Stay Mobile
    Especially when multiple opponents present themselves to devour your brains, you need to always think escape.  Run if possible, head for safety. Self defense is always about escape.
  2. Look For Hard Cover
    After getting away for immediate danger, remain safe by seeking hard cover. Put solid objects between you and an attacker.
  3. Attract Helpful Attention
    Zombies and their living counterparts do not want to get hurt, caught, or identified. Scream and yell – make a lot of noise. You may frighten them off or get helpful attention. Since time is of the essence, calling 911 should be reserved for when you can safely do do, or you have zero other options.
  4. Utilize weapons
    Nothing levels the playing field against an aggressor like a weapon. You may not have tools designated as weapons, but in a pinch use anything you can hold in your hands to strike, cut, or entangle your enemy to effect your escape.
  5. Fight early, fight hard
    Statistics looking at attempted rape show that women who fought back earlier were less likely to be harmed, or to have the rape actually occur. This could be extended to zombies and living aggressors.
  6. Eat Bacon
    You need to keep up your strength.

Contact us for more info about Self Defense Training in Maine against the living or zombies.

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