Why I Recommend Gun Training For Martial Artists

Tweet I recommend that all my students take at least a basic gun safety course at some point. I prefer they do a course which involves live shooting on a range. There are a number of reasons for this. The topic of guns can be an emotionally charged one. When emotion gets involved, reason goes […]

New, Free Android App for Martial Artists

Tweet A few years back I published a book of quotations for martial artists. You can still find and purchase it on Amazon.com. I have collected quotes related to martial arts for years and I enjoy sharing them. I have just released a new application for Android called, Martial Arts Quote of the Day – […]

A Fatal Incident

Tweet Last week we were informed that my wife’s uncle, who was also one of my godfathers had passed away. It seems that, while waiting outside a restaurant with some coworkers, a young man made some racist comments toward him (he’s Asian). Words were exchanged and the man pushed my wife’s uncle who hit his […]