The Difference Between Paranoia and Preparation

Tweet I encourage my students to train mentally with little imagination exercises they can  do when they’re out and about. When you go to a place that isn’t your home look for the exits, look for improvised weapons. When in the presence of other people, gauge their distance and imagine how you might react if […]

The Most Lethal Self Defense System in the World: Puffery in Martial Arts Advertising

Tweet Thumb through any martial arts magazine from any time in the past up to today and you’ll find a lot of advertising. You’ll see systems advertised as “The World’s Most Lethal Fighting System,” or teachers as, “The Deadliest Man Alive.” If you don’t look at martial arts magazines – I’m not kidding here, these […]

Want to get tough fast?

Tweet Here’s my recipe for developing mental toughness. And no I haven’t been able to complete this myself … yet. 1. Walk into a quiet, unoccupied room and turn the lights off. 2. Sit down and close your eyes. 3. Do not move any part of your body – except for allowing the normal breathing […]

Martial Alchemy™

Tweet In the Western world, the practice of alchemy has a long history as predecessor to modern chemistry (it’s where we get the name), school shrouded in mystery, and practice persecuted as pseudoscience or blasphemy by the powers that be. Outwardly, alchemists main goal was to produce the philosopher’s stone, a substance rumored to be […]

The Power of Decision

Tweet Making a decision is a powerful mental process. In fact the word “decision” is a nominalization, the turning of a process verb into a noun. A decision is static – set in stone, unlike the process of deciding. This is an important distinction. When you decide something, you draw the proverbial line in the […]

Couch Potato Training Plan

Tweet It’s been said that the hardest part of martial arts training is getting into the car. I have seen this first hand when 11 people tell me they are coming to train and 2 show up. I don’t take it personally when people tell me they were “busy” or there was “traffic” or whatever. […]

Increasing Pain Tolerance

Tweet As a child, I was subjected to numerous surgeries, the most severe was the amputation of one of my feet. Growing up with a lower limb prosthesis was challenging and often painful experience. As a boy, my parents and several of my teachers noticed that I seemed to have a fairly high pain tolerance. […]