Double Secret Commando Navy SEAL Self Defense Training

Tweet Another day and I find myself writing about some more malarkey from a “self-defense” master. I just got an email from the head of the system which I actually believe is borderline false-advertising (as in fraud). One way a lot of groups seek to add credibility is by aligning themselves with the military. This […]

U.S. Army Moves Away From Ground Fighting Curriculum

Tweet It seems the U.S. Army, after interviewing 900 soldiers involved in hand to hand combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, has decided to change it’s close quarters combat program to de-emphasize ground fighting.Starting next month, soldiers will focus more on stand up grappling and weapons control more useful in the urban combat scenarios they find […]

Mission Centric Training™

Tweet Mission Centric Training™ is a concept that a partner and I came up with a few years ago while conducting self defense training for a numerous organizations in the Boston area. It’s a concept that many military personnel and law enforcement officers (LEOs) get, but is missed on the broader public much of the […]